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My philosophy towards teaching is simple: Challenge students with relevant work that extends beyond the classroom. In pursuing that goal I was recently named the Division of Emerging Media Studies Teacher of the Year at Boston University.  I have taught a wide variety of courses in unique institutions and settings (see below) where students received extensive training in not only theorizing and developing digital content, but also coming to analyze and understand their online audience members as contributors.  Through these classes that are more about cultivation rather than hand-holding, many of my students have gone on to advanced positions in leading media, research, and governmental organizations as editors, analysts, and creators as well as to programs of advanced graduate and doctoral study. A summary of my evaluations is available here.

Boston University (US, private)

  • #Trending Insights: Social Data Analysis and Visualization (Graduate)

  • Time, Place, and Social Data: Advanced Issues in Large-Scale Analysis and Visualization (Graduate)

  • Connecting Humans: Social Networks and Media (Graduate)

  • Collaboratory on Media Research Methods

University of Melbourne (Australia, public)                   

  • History of Networked Media (Graduate)

Erasmus University (The Netherlands, public)

  • Methods of Media Research (Graduate)

  • Media and Politics

  • Quantitative Methods in Media and Communication

  • Media Audiences and Effects

  • Communication Management Workshop

  • Communication Technologies and Their Impacts

Iowa State University (US, public)                             

  • Theories of Communication (Graduate)

  • Principles for Visual Communicators

  • Multimedia Production

Indiana University (US, public)    

  • Visual Communication

  • Hot Topics in Mass Communication

Marquette University (US, private religious) 

  • Introduction to Human Communication