my 'global' bio

I am a researcher and writer, keen observer, itinerant homeowner, fearless traveler, husband, son and father, cheese taster, coach, scruffy beard magnet, avid sharp fiction reader, winner and loser, partner, noted fisherman, low-post presence, editor, and media analyst.  Currently, I am the Ross Beach Chair of Emerging Media Research and Associate Professor with tenure at Kansas State University. Previously, I was an Associate Professor with tenure in the Emerging Media Studies Division at Boston University, and I have had some tremendous colleagues there and abroad.  I've lived and worked in England, The Netherlands, Australia, France, and the US and feel as though all those experiences have enriched my life in countless ways.  

Professionally, my main activity is publishing original research on communication technology, politics, and society.  This means I study media -- mass, social, personal, and otherwise -- a lot.  Some of the work that I am most proud of has been featured in the Journal of Communication, New Media and Society, the Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media,  International Journal of Communication, and Social Science Computer Review, among others--including book chapters with leading publishers like Oxford, Sage, and Routledge.  With a few exceptions like Media and CommunicationFirstMondayand IJoC this research is locked behind expensive paywalls but if there is anything of mine you'd like to read or see, please just email me and I'll be more than happy to share. 

Importantly, I am a scholar that is interested in not only researching theories of communication but testing them in real-world applications. In short, I study how media can change things by intentionally or unintentionally persuading, empowering, or otherwise engaging citizens.  I analyze issues from the people we elect or overthrow to the decisions we make to participate--or not, and how media emerge and then work in those processes.  Thus, I've put my models of algorithmic sorting of social data to work in a wide variety of applications, and take on time-series and panel data approaches to empirical analyses that include big data mining and algorithmic sorting as well as media ethics and uses.  

But forget all that for a moment.  At the end of the day I'm really just a person way in love with his wife trying to find a place in this world where we can happily and peacefully raise two 'exuberant' children that we have the very good fortune to call our own -- and we certainly keep it interesting along the way.  

If you'd like to learn more, you can look me up on researchgate, academia, or twitter. Comments, questions, or media inquiries, please contact me at jgroshek@bu.edu