I regularly give keynote addresses and speeches to large companies, industry leaders and universities, as well as at  conferences and governmental agencies that are related to the fields of media and communication, and in some cases summarize my work into brief animations. A select list of my public events follows below, along with some other invited talks where I've presented research.  

Interested to have me speak at an event or to members of your organization about different aspects of online, social, and/or mobile media research?  Want to know more about my work, SoDa Analytics, or animating science? Please fill out this form

Selection of invited talks:

  • “Netflix and ill? How streaming television and binge-watching might actually be good for you.” Marquette University.

  • “Binging and voting: A first look at what streaming television has to do with political participation.” University of Groningen.

  • “Opposites attract? Mobile devices and incivility in social media content.” Audencia Business School.

  • “Media, Microbes, and Misinformation.” Boston University.

  • “Making big (mobile) data small and useful.” Erasmus University Rotterdam.

  • “Targeting and streaming television into political participation.” University of Amsterdam.

  • “Online political participation: Three case studies in offline participation, user agency, and online content.” Freie Universität Berlin.

  • “Violence and Vitriol: Emerging Media in Social Conflict.” Boston University.

  • “Mining, Sorting, and Visualizing Social Media for Purpose and Profit.” Fidelity Investments.

  • “Networks in Social Data Engagement: Analytic Approaches.” Harvard University.

  • “Twitter Collection and Analysis Toolkit: Modelling Influentials.” Institute for Public Relations.

  • “Emerging Opportunities and Privacy Issues in Data Mining Social Media.” John F. Kennedy Library.

  • “Post-Spring / Pre-Wave: Democracy, Youth, and Corruption Trends in Emerging Media Environments.” Boston University.

  • “A Latin Spring? Examining Digital Diffusion and Youth Bulges in Forecasting Political Change in Latin America.” Boston University.

  • "Online Media and Offline Empowerment in Democratic Transition." University of Melbourne.

  • “Impacts of ICTs: New media and journalism.” Erasmus University Rotterdam.

  • “Connection Technologies and Democracy.” U.S. State Department (keynoted by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton).

  • “Voter Learning, Campaign Interest, and Intention to Vote in the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election.” City University of Hong Kong.

  • “Research and Teaching: New Media and Political Change.” London School of Economics and Political Science.

  • “The Democratic and Economic Effects of the Internet, 1994-2003.” Indiana University.