Dislike this! Facebook (finally) shows love for the dislike button

Supposing that it is possible some haven't heard yet that Facebook is going to introduce a 'dislike' button to its (still) relatively popular interface, I spoke with Owen Boss of the Boston Herald recently about this *major* change, that users have been reportedly asking for, well, for years.

Now that the 'dislike' button is nearly upon us, what will happen?  Will young users return? Unlikely.  

Though I am surprised that "it took so long” for Facebook to develop a 'dislike' option, I do expect, in the broader sense that the roll-out will help the site ensure users are presented with the kind of content they want to see.

As I mentioned in my interview, “I think it makes strategic sense for Facebook to have a better metric of what people like and don’t like because it’s probably going to dictate more of what they see.”

Facebook has been moving aggressively toward more of a focus on algorithmic content delivery, and what could be better at helping Facebook deliver information to you that you want to see other than an explicit device (i.e., button) that informs the algorithm not only what you like, and what you pause to read, but what you actually don't like?

All that being said, certain shares are going to invariably violate being 'disliked', at least on the whole, including the preference of 'the Internet' for cat videos and other cute-themed memes.

Given that background, I submit the following image of the most adorable 4-year-old and contend even Facebook's 'dislike' button will constantly be negotiated.