The new normal? Social media, violence, and the construction of reality

Recently I received a call from Bob McGovern at the Boston Herald to discuss the changing news norms that social media have introduced to journalism, particularly in the wake of the shooting of two journalists in Virginia earlier this week.  While that story of course has received widespread media coverage in the US and around the world, I thought McGovern's piece was of considerable interest because it took a more meta-analytic approach to what social media means in terms of news cycles, the pressure to publish first, and how the priority of getting news "right" -- both factually and ethically -- is being renegotiated and diminished. 

The full link to that story is here, and also features the opinions of David Gerzof Richard along with my own thoughts on a broader social phenomenon of violence and individual media users as personal mass communicators of what, for lack of a better term, may be considered social media murder.